Rio olympics: Leander Paes not alloted a room in olympic village

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Tennis star of India Leander Paes has not been alloted a room in brazil village of Rio Olympics games. The seven-time Olympian, arrived on Rio de Janeiro on Thursday evening and was extremely disappointed with the treatment done with him.

As he doesn’t alloted any room, Paes reportedly had to change in the Chef De Mission Rakesh Gupta’s room. India’s non-playing captain/coach Zeeshan Ali supported Paes and asserted that the tennis player never said that he would not live in the village.

“I am slightly disappointed that having played six Olympics for India, I haven’t been given a place to stay. I was playing a tournament in New York and took the first flight on its completion. The match got over at 8 and took a 10.45 flight to Rio,” Leander said. “Of the three rooms that have been assigned in the apartment, one is with Zeeshan, and the other two have been given to Rohan and the team physio.”

“There have been speculations that Leander has complained that he doesn’t want to share a room with Rohan (Bopanna), but there’s no truth to it. I and the organisers were aware that he was to reach Rio on Thursday (August 4). Sure he will be low on time for the match on August 6, but he practiced on arriving will be ready for the match,” Zeeshan said.

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