Right Trump or Tumble

Donald Trump

‘Why American are always successful!

Because American ends with I CAN’

The US has been the most powerful country in the world for many reasons. Their currency Dollar is the currency of the world being the most important factor. There have been 1,459 words in the speech of Trump the 45th President of US; which seems to be much more in comparison to the speech of George Washington delivered on March 4, 1793 having just 135 words in total. Reason may be the world had grown or the problems have grown.

Donald Trump said, “America first…” which indicated that there is start of new chapter for the world. Nationalism is important for person but for a powerful President of the US this raises eye brows! This repetition of “America first…” proves that there is something which is bothering Mr. President. He was able to get cheers when he said, “We will bring back our wealth…” and many such phrases which were emotional centric e.g. “We will be protected by God…”.

Fighting terrorism in the most important aspect of the people of the world, why only America. Anyways the people love these phrases and get carried away by them.

The east about two and half years back saw Modi getting to power in India. He also has been self centered. He while travelling across the globe made speech about the problems in India. The Indians got carried away and praised that he is the right person who knows India, but really does he! He rather made educated Indian feel ashamed when he use to say that we don’t have toilets at our homes. What else can be more than this!

America has brought in a huge change by bring Donald Trump to White House! The country which had seen fewer agitations in the past has increased. All the people of America are not in favour of Trump but still he has been able to be the 45th President of the US like in India most opposed Modi but he is the Prime Minister.

Wait and watch the change in the US which will be a history or may the people will regret! God save America! as Trump ended his speech saying, “God bless America”.

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