“Revolver Rani” stops wedding


Kanpur, May 17: A girl interrupted the wedding with a pistol at Shivli area in Kanpur Dehat district, claiming she was the “lover” of the groom named Devendra Awasthi and they were “secretly” married at a temple.

The girl appeared during the “jaimal” ceremony and pointed the pistol at him and told he could not marry another woman as they were already a couple. “As the groom argued with her saying he did not even know her, she turned the pistol towards herself and threatened to shoot self,” said the guest.

She also alleged that she was pregnant with Devendra’s child.

The bride refused to marry him after the drama and the bride’s family called off the wedding.

“Nearly 500 people had gathered. My cousin is very upset about what has happened but she did not want to marry a cheat,” said a relative of the bride.

The bride’s family took back everything. “The ex-girlfriend of Devendra also returned home after elders pacified” he said. Inspector Radha Mohan of Shivli told TOI,

“Though no case has been registered, police are verifying the villagers’ version.”

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