Reveal how many soldiers died post note ban, Shiv Sena asks Centre

New Delhi, January 10: Slamming Modi government’s claim that noteban has curbed terror funding, Shiv Sena has asked government to reveal the number of soldiers sacrificed at the borders post demonetisation and not use demonetisation as a political issue ahead of elections.

In the latest article published in Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece paper Samana, Sena asks government to not use issues of national interest for political gains. In the sharp criticism, Sena also points out how the Central government had used surgical strikes for political gain in UP. Sena criticized Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s previous remarks when he credited RSS teachings for surgical strike across the LoC and pointed out Army should not be dragged into politics.

Citing yesterday’s terror attack on General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) camp in Akhnoor sector of Jammu that sacrificed lives of 3 civilian workers, Sena said it proves that demonetisation has not deterred the terrorists and they continue to indulge in their practices without any hindrance.

The oped says, “Terrorists once used to attack public places, but are now directly targeting Army bases and killing jawans. Should this be considered a change? Thwarting terror attacks was one of the main reasons cited for demonetisation. But terrorist attacks continue unabated even at places in Manipur.”

Further, the article highlighted how in 2016, 60 jawans were martyred, which is much more than 32 and 33 in 2014 and 2015.  The article says, “How can we believe that these are the signs that Pakistan is being reigned in? Nobody should drag the Army in the muck of politics.

“Manohar Parrikar credited the RSS teachings for the surgical strike on Pakistan and during campaigning for the polls in UP, the BJP has taken all credit for the strike attributing nothing to the Army,” the Sena said.

It further points out how under Modi’s reign, Demonetisation has become more of a political issue than one which is supposed to hold national importance.

“The number of deaths of soldiers post demonetisation should be released and politics over the scrapping decision should be stopped,” it said.

Sena dared government and said, if BJP has the courage, it should implement the uniform civil code, build a Ram temple in Ayodhya and scrap Article 370 of the Constitution.

A recent oped at Samana also slammed Maharashtra CM for praising center’s demonetisation drive and said anybody who stands by noteban is blind to suffering of common men.

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