Retired Lt Col bashes out Modi bhakt for using soldiers name to defend note ban

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New Delhi, Novemer 28: Lieutenant Colonel Darshan Dhillon aka Fauji Baba strongly condemned a Modi Bhaqt for dissuading people at an ATM to speak about their inconvenience or criticize demonetisation drive with an argument that Indian Soldiers’ too spend hours at borders for country and never complain.

Dhillon posted on facebook an incident wherein he bashed out a man who dragged Indian Army soldiers to defend the inconvenience caused to millions across the country since the note ban was announced by PM Narendra Modi on November 8.

Lt Colonel Darshan Dhillon who retired from the Indian Army in 2006 currently lives in Ludhiana, Punjab. Here is his post:

“I was standing in long ATM queue and getting irritated on mismanagement on a good issue. The fellow Modi bhakt behind gave me a quick reaction by saying, why are you perturbed think about about army persons standing 20 hrs in day on border. “

Narrating how his reply removed the man’s “nationalism with a jolt,” he wrote, “my curt reply removed his deshbhagti with a jolt when I told him that I did that on border for 20 years and standing here to withdraw my pension on that account. He should show his deshbhagti in getting us actual OROP and CPC from Modi ji rather than issuing certificates in ATM lines.”

This is a serious issue. Anyone who speaks against central government is termed as anti national these days. Coming from a retired official of Indian Army, the message is clear. As important it is to support steps to haul black money as is to question the viability of those steps. In case there is policy failure due to implementation failure that should be acknowledged too.

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