Respect ‘the right of peaceful assembly’: US to India on CAA protests

Donald Trump
Donald Trump at MSNBC news channel

Washington, Dec 17: US State Department has urged Indian government to refrain from violence, and authorities should “protect and respect the right of peaceful assembly”by protesters.

As the Narendra Modi government is witnessing nationwide protests over CAA, the authorities are using force to quell the protests .

The government is turn is now blaming the Opposition mainly the Congress for the protests and the violence unleashed by government forces.

“We are closely following developments regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act. We urge authorities to protect and respect the right of peaceful assembly. We also urge protestors to refrain from violence,” a US State Department spokesperson.

Stressing that “respect for religious freedom and equal treatment under the law are fundamental principles of our two democracies,” the US State Department said, “The United States urges India to protect the rights of its religious minorities in keeping with India’s Constitution and democratic values.”

Violent Protests have taken place in several parts of the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which was approved by Parliament in its recently concluded winter session.

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