Replacing Gandhi Charkha photo only shows Modi’s self obsession

Modi has been indulging in insulting and defaming all the national heros on one pretext or the other and is constantly engaged in projecting himself which shows his sick-mindedness.
PM Narendra Modi

Hoping to see some progressive news about India, I always come across some retrograde steps taken by Modi government daily. The low level of Narendra Modi’s thinking now is aimed at virtually insulting the Father of the nation-Mahatma Gandhi by replacing his photo on Khadi and Village Industries Commissions calendar and diary by his own.

Modi has been indulging in insulting and defaming all the national heros on one pretext or the other  and is constantly engaged in projecting himself  which shows his sick-mindedness. He has so far done nothing remarkable but to criticize Congress and even could not defeat Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal inspite of creating hurdles through the lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

He is so fear ridden of losing the Uttar Pradesh elections that he  and Amit Shah launched conspiracies  to dismantle major regional party (Samajwadi party)ruling the state but as the matter stands it is his own party (BJP) that appears  to be on the verge of extinction in the coming polls.

BJP having remained in Opposition much of the time has become habitual of criticizing others that they have forgotten to deliver governance and are instead creating controversies harmful to the national interest on daily basis with no achievement.

There is also speculation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might replace Mahatma Gandhi’s photo by his own on currency notes but he must bear in mind that image of a secular person recognized as a national hero is only printed on the currency notes and communal figures associated with riots are not given the status of national heros.

The cursory remark of KVIC chairman V K Saxena that there is no rule or tradition that we can publish only Gandhijis photo on our calendar or on the cover of diary shows bankruptcy of his own mind. The persons who introduced Khadi to gain Independence from Britishers should continue to get the deserved respect of the nation.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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