Regular sex can enhance memory in old age

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London, June 22: Brain works well even after age 50 if you stay busy in your bedroom. Researchers have found that older adults who have sex regularly do better in brain function tests.

The researchers also found those who engaged in sex more frequently remember objects easily.

“People don’t like to think that older people have sex – but we need to challenge this conception at a societal level and look at what impact sexual activity can have on those aged 50 and over, beyond the known effects on sexual health and general well being,” said lead researcher Hayley Wright from Coventry University in England.

The study was conducted on 73 people aged between 50 and 83.

Participants filled a questionnaire on their last 12 months details about sex life like they were involved never, monthly or weekly.

The participants had 60 seconds to name as many animals as possible, and then to say as many words beginning with F to test their mental level.

Those who engaged in weekly sexual activity scored the most highly with the verbal fluency tests.

“We can only speculate whether this is driven by social or physical elements – but an area we would like to research further is the biological mechanisms that may influence this,” Wright said.

“Every time we do another piece of research we are getting a little bit closer to understanding why this association exists at all, what the underlying mechanisms are, and whether there is a ’cause and effect’ relationship between sexual activity and cognitive function in older people,” Wright added.

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