Reasons to prefer living in joint family


New Delhi, June 1: Now when the time is of live-in-relationships, most of the youngsters prefer to be live freely, out of the family’s boundaries and restrictions, but living in a joint family has its own benefits.

If you are also thinking of dropping the idea of the nuclear family then here are some ideas for you which can make you fully confidential to go ahead.

1. Following traditions 

Being in a joint family enables you to follow all the customs, traditions that help you to know the religious things properly and also you get to know the many new ways of worshipping which are followed in a typical family. Whether its karvachaut or any other pooja you don’t need to worry anymore or go for google to know the rules how to do the rituals as the family members have all the knowledge how to perform any of the rituals.

2. Waking up early sleepActually, it sounds lazy for you but waking up early in the morning makes you active and delightful for the entire day and also it helps you to not get late for anything. Your entire day can only go well if you start it with a perfect timing. There you will not need any alarm, as people will there for you to wake to up.

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3. No space of boredom

Everytime say it your sister in law, brother in law, even every family member keep disturbing you or better to say are there for you to entertain or gossip with you. Their humorous stories will not let you get bored a single time in the day.

4. Outings

Being with group family means every day new function, party or any event. Every day you will find someone new sitting at your home. Whether for any gathering, birthday parties and also attending every function is must for you. So you get the opportunity to enjoy family functions, parties. So get ready and have fun.

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5. No worry what to wear

Yes, we are talking about the times when we don’t understand what to wear, where to go on a trip, what to cook or anything whenever there will be any confusion, your family members will kick it away with their perfect solutions. So you need not worry at any occasion or anytime.

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So give up the idea of going alone and missing all these fun moments with family. The way a family can adore you nobody can.

By- Shivangi Raghav

 Wefornews Bureau

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