“Hope RBI governor has a spine and will show PM Modi his place”, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Nov 19: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday hit out at the central government and hoped Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel will show Prime Minister Narendra Modi “his place”. 

He also accused Modi of attempting to “destroy the RBI” through his “puppets” and “cronies”.

“Mr Modi and his coterie of cronies, continue to destroy every institution they can get their hands on. Today, through his puppets at the #RBIBoardMeet he will attempt to destroy the RBI”, he tweeted.

The RBI board meeting comes amid growing tussle between the Centre and the RBI after the Finance Ministry recently sought discussions under the never-used-before Section 7 of the RBI Act which empowers the government to issue directions to the apex bank.

The board is anticipated to hold discussions on the liquidity crisis that initially triggered the tiff between the Modi government and the central bank.


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