Ravish kumar receives death threats from RSS supporters

Ravish Kumar
Ravish Kumar

New Delhi,23rd September: NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar is recieving death threats from RSS supporters.

Senior journalist Ravish kumar has revealed this information in his facebook post where he said people are abusing him and giving him death threats.


Ravish Kumar has also shared screen shots of the chats.The journalist has asked to spread the message untill it reaches to RSS cheif Mohan Bhagwat. In his post Ravish kumar wrote,”a What’s app group called ‘Om Dharam Rakshit Rakshi’ who claims to be connected with RSS activates every time when a controversy arrives and starts abusing me.” I don’t know what to do and it does not matter how many times I leave the group they keep adding me” Ravish added.

He also criticised the language of these RSS supporters which he claims to be full of hatred.The journalist also compared these  RSS supporters with mob lynching goons.

Ravish Kumar in his post asked Mohan Bhagwat if this is the way to make India a world leader.

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