Ranveer Singh planning to move in Deepika’s building

ranveer singh

New Delhi, June 8: Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh always wanted to own property in Goa as mostly he is in Goa and like the place as well. 

“At some point, I thought I would function out of Goa. But it makes more sense to get a bigger, better place in Mumbai because that is where I am most of the time. I probably might never go to Goa,” he said once.

Ranveer is also planning to move into the same thirty-three storeyed, three tower complex called Beau Monde at Prabhadevi in Mumbai where her girlfriend Deepika Padukone satys and be her neighbour.

Ranveer is endorsing over 16 brands, can easily manage to make his wish into reality.

During the shooting of film “Padmavati” they both spent time together in Ranveer’s apartment on the outskirts of Mumbai.

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