Ransomware WannaCry likely to attack Indian banking system soon: Experts

Though centre has said, India has not been effected much by Ransomware WannaCry, IT experts have warned users about the number of effected organizations is expected to increase rapidly.

“There are so many states that have been affected. The first thing that they are not doing is checking what systems have been affected,” Subhamangala, Cyber Security expert told ANI news agency.

Our banks may be affected in a couple of hours. We are expecting it and have informed the banks, since most of our ATMs run on the windows operating system which is the operating system effected by WannaCry,” he added

IT specialists have also instructed banks to update their operating system.

This cyber attack has been emerged as the biggest malware in history, as it has affected computers worldwide. In India it has impacted states like West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala.

However , the Ministry of Home Affairs sources is also eyeing on Monitoring the situation to safeguard the nation from this cyber attack.

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