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On an average, human beings lose up to 80 strands of hair a day. But when this hairfall increases, especially among young people, it becomes a cause for concern.

And understandably so, hair is like a crown on the head. It’s a key feature that enhances people’s looks. No wonder even TV personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Virender Sehwag and Himesh Reshammiya resorted to cosmetic hair improvement.

Hairfall is becoming widespread among urban Indian citizens. It’s becoming more visible among urban women for multiple reasons. Here are three of them.

 Dr Vinod Sonawane, MD- Hair Transplant Surgeon, PG Diploma in Trichology & Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant lists out 3 Major Reasons for Unexpected yet Rampant Hairfall Today

1. Stress

The responsibilities on urban women have increased manifold. Not only do they have to continue managing their homes, but they also are exploring opportunities for better careers. Sometimes, they have to work out of compulsion to complement the earnings for the household. All of this leads to an increase in stress.

Stress increases the androgen count in one’s body and causes dandruff. This dandruff and the shampoos used against it leads to increasing hair fall.

Reducing stress is important not just to avoid undue loss of hair, but also to lead a better life. Yoga, meditation, and sharing responsibilities with family members are some steps to achieve this.

2. Improper Diets

The hectic pace of life has been accompanied by an increase in the consumption of unhealthy food. We don’t consume enough iron, protein and vitamins to stay fit and keep healthy hair. To maintain a bush of hair we can be proud of, it’s essential to sustain a healthy diet.

For non-vegetarians, eggs, fish and prawns are good food items to maintain good hair. Eggs are a rich source of iron, zinc, sulphur, and selenium. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids while prawns are rich in Zinc and Vitamin B12. These nutrients keep your hair smooth and silky and make it look fabulous.

For vegetarians, there are enough tasty food options to enjoy and keep fabulous hair at the same time. Prunes and beetroot can prevent hair from thinning. Beans and pulses add the necessary amount of protein in a diet. Berries are highly recommended because they contain a high degree of vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron from the diet. It also produces collagen, an essential component for non-brittle and thick hair growth.

3. Lack of exercise

Physical exercise is something many of us can’t find time for today. Yet, it remains one of the most critical steps that help improves not our internal health, but also our hair. Women who exercise regularly also notice that they have healthier hair.

Moderate exercise increases the production of new cells in our body. It slows down protein breakdown while we sleep. This aids in cell growth. That’s why regular exercise improves sleep, cell regrowth and the lusciousness of hair.

Exercise also nourishes hair follicles by supplying them with oxygen so that blood flow to them increases. The more the oxygen supplied, the better the nutrients, the better the health of your hair.

No two people have the same scalp or hair. Visit experts in your city to figure out the perfect plan to maintain and improve your hair’s lusciousness. Bloom Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai consults with countless patients and assists them in achieving desired hair growth. Visit your local expert today.

Leading a balanced life won’t just improve your looks. It will also improve your lifestyle. You’ll do more for yourself and loved ones, and feel happier. And happiness, after all, is the end goal of life.


Virgin brows, glittery lids: Beauty trends to rule in 2019



Eye Makeup

New Delhi, Jan 23: Glittery lids, virgin brows and bronzer are in this year, say experts.

Here we have shared some of the beauty trends that you can follow:

** Glitter means instant glam-up. However, you don’t need to swim in it. A little is perfect. Take a very tiny amount of gold or silver and lightly dust it on the inner corner of your eyes. A hint of glitter peeping from the inner corner of your eyelids is perfect to lend that unmistakable spark to your look. In case you want to get into the diva mood, cover your lids with chunky gold glitter. Always remember that a glitter trend never goes away.

** Instead of applying an overall eyeshadow, go for fading traces of colour on both upper and lower lids. Use different but complementing colours for upper and lower lids. Finish off with a liner and mascara and you are done.

** It’s time to ‘unfollow’ the perfectly shaped eyebrows and follow real and raw brows. While tweezers are kept aside, the eyebrows are groomed with the help of eyebrow brush. If the idea of bushy brows is too daunting for you, then you can shape your brows in a natural arch, instead of a total clean up.

** While bronzer makes its way back, heavy contouring is shown the exit door. Skip framing the face to perfection. Instead, take a large fluffy brush, and put the bronzer along the temple, cheekbones and jawline. And you are done. Keep the skin clean and luminous with a high-definition foundation.

Here are few more suggestions by the experts:

** Last year was the year of the hot red shade. This year will be all about subtle and dark tones of brown matte and gloss. Be it eyes, lips or cheeks highlighting, brown would be seen everywhere. Even the hair colour in brown would be more viral.

** Nude is the new chic: Keep your make-up natural and minimal to give it a fresh look. Speaking of nude make-up, women have found a new companion. Base oils. From a variety of oils ranging from rose to gold, women are loving this new trend. Sandalwood oil has always symbolised purity and its fragrance has stood the test of time.

** This year again, the winged eyeliner will be in trend.

** Smokey eyes are gorgeous as ever, but can be too bold for some. As bridal make-up moves into its understated glam phase, it is time to welcome the blurred eyeliner. With the flexibility of playing with colours and intensity that this smudged look allows, it manages to complement just about every age and style and is perfect for a bridal glam look.

wedding bride jewellery

So, be prepared to see women following unusual yet amazing beauty trends in this year!


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In stress? Remember your romantic partner and keep BP down




Having a romantic partner present — even in your mind — can help you keep blood pressure down in daily stressful situations, say researchers.

When faced with a stressful situation, thinking about your romantic partner may help keep blood pressure under control just as effectively as actually having your significant other in the room with you, according to a study by University of Arizona psychologists.

“This suggests that one way being in a romantic relationship might support people’s health is through allowing people to better cope with stress and lower levels of cardiovascular reactivity to stress across the day,” said psychology doctoral student Kyle Bourassa.

“It appears that thinking of your partner as a source of support can be just as powerful as actually having them present,” Bourassa added.

For the study, published in the journal Psychophysiology, 102 participants were asked to complete a stressful task — submerging one foot into 3 inches of cold water ranging from 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Researchers measured participants’ blood pressure, heart rate and heart rate variability before, during and after the task.

The participants, all of whom were in committed romantic relationships, either had their significant other sitting quietly in the room with them during the task or they were instructed to think about their romantic partner as a source of support during the task. In third scenario, they were instructed to think about their day during the task.

The effect on blood pressure reactivity was just as powerful whether the partner was physically present or merely conjured mentally.

“The findings may help explain, in part, why high-quality romantic relationships are consistently associated with positive health outcomes in the scientific literature,” said Bourassa.

If replicated, the findings could have implications for those facing everyday stressful situations, the researchers added.


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Myntra taps 9,000 kirana stores in 50 cities to boost last-mile delivery




New Delhi, Jan 22 : Flipkart-owned ecommerce platform Myntra that saw 80 per cent revenue fall in FY2018 has doubled down on last-mile delivery, tapping into over 9,000 kirana stores across 50 cities to fast deliver packages.

Today, nearly 60 per cent of all Myntra’s product pick-ups and deliveries happen through its “Kirana Delivery Programme” — helping the company reduce delivery costs, the company told IANS on Tuesday.

“Myntra’s ‘Kirana Delivery Programme’ is a successful model introduced by the company to accelerate order delivery in the most efficient way possible, while ensuring we provide a good partnership opportunity to our kirana partners,” a company spokesperson told IANS.

“We will continue to innovate, expand and hope to register more kirana partners in the future as well,” the spokesperson added.

The “Kirana Delivery Programme” is an ingenious model introduced by the company to accelerate order delivery, while creating a platform for kirana stores to have an additional source of income.

“A mutually beneficial model, it has helped Myntra achieve greater consumer satisfaction and is enhancing the standard of living of the owners of several ‘mom & pop’ stores across the country,” said the company.

Several tailors and beauty parlour owners, among others, have also signed up with Myntra for the programme.

The online fashion retailer narrowed its consolidated losses to Rs 178.7 crore for 2017-18, compared with a loss of Rs 655.8 crore in the previous fiscal.

According to business intelligence platform Tofler, the company saw its income growing nearly threefold to Rs 427.4 crore in 2017-18 as against Rs 155.6 crore in the previous financial year.

Ananth Narayanan, Chief Executive of e-tail portals Myntra and Jabong, stepped down from the post on January 14 “to pursue external opportunities”.

The 11-year-old Flipkart Group, owned by US retail giant Walmart, includes e-tail sites Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong and digital payment platform PhonePe.

In May last year, Walmart bought a 77 per cent equity stake in the company for a whopping $16 billion.

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