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Ram Jethmalani calls Arvind Kejriwal a ‘poor client’



NEW DELHI, 4 April: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s legal battle against Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may robe taxpayers of their hard earned money.

The debatable issue comes after Kejriwal’s counsel, Ram Jethmalani, raised a bill of Rs 3.42 crore for his services so far.


Reportedly deputy CM Manish Sisodia signed off  Kejriwal’s bills and sent them for clearance to Delhi’s LG Anil Baijal, who consulted experts on the matter.

Jethmalani, who is the senior most counsel of the country is defending Kejriwal in both a criminal and a civil defamation case filed by Jaitley.


However as media reports criticised Kejriwal for using taxpayers amount for his personal expenses, JethMalani expressed that, “Even now if govt (Delhi) doesn’t pay or he can’t pay will appear for free, will treat him(Kejriwal) as one of my poor clients.

As per the documents accessed by Times Now, the bill raised by Jethmalani on December 1, 2016, claims Rs 1 crore retainership for representing Kejriwal and an additional Rs 22 lakh per appearance. Jethmalani has made 11 appearances so far, leading to a total of Rs 3.42 crore, even before the cross examination stage is over.

The case was filed in 2015 and claims that Kejriwal made unsubstantiated allegation of corruption against the Finance Minister related to the period when he headed the Delhi and District Cricket Association or DDCA, the main cricket administration body for Delhi and its surrounding areas.

It is worth noticing that Kejriwal is the 1st Delhi CM who is on trial for criminal defamation.

The documents showed that deputy CM Manish Sisodia wrote on a file on December 6, 2016, following the bill raised by Jethmalani’s office, that it be cleared because the matter was linked to CBI raids on the CM’s office on December 15, 2015, wherein several files were seized.

The file goes on to say that “the Chief Minister made statements in the media explaining the stand of the government on such raids. Defamation cases, criminal as well as civil, were filed against the CM pursuant to the statements made in his official capacity”.

The file then passed to the litigation branch of the law department in the Delhi government which, on December 7, 2016, said the law department could not give any approval on the matter and instead approval of the administrative department whose files had been seized by the CBI were needed to clear these payments. Clearances from the finance department and Delhi lieutenant governor’s office were also needed, it added.

In response, Sisodia on December 21 wrote that “this file need not be sent to the LG for his approval. Instead, it should be sent to the concerned administrative department, the GAD (general administrative department)” which should give its compliance at the earliest, “preferably within a day”.

The file, approved by the CM, was then cleared the same day. This was then approved by the minister in-charge of GAD, Gopal Rai, on February 27, this year, before being sent to the LG, presumably for a post-facto approval.

A legal analyst asserted that Jaitley and Kejriwal were both fighting the case in their personal capacities. If Kejriwal had wanted to turn it into a matter involving the Delhi CM, he should have invoked Section 80 of the Civil Procedure Code, the analyst added.

Section 80 provides for sending a notice to the government or a public officer if one wants to institute a suit against the government or against the public officer in respect of any act purporting to be done by such public officer in his official capacity until the expiration of two months.

The object of the notice is to give the secretary of state or the public officer an opportunity to reconsider his legal position and to make amends or afford restitution without recourse to a court of law, which Kejriwal chose not to do.

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Like 2018, Kamal Nath starts MP poll campaign from Ujjain

Asked about the “Tiger zinda hai” comment from Scindia and Chouhan, Kamal Nath said the public will soon hand its verdict on who is a tiger or a cat or a mouse, as it knows everything.




Kamal Nath INC

Ujjain/Badnawar/Bhopal, July 8 : Blowing the traditional conch before the war cry and whispering “earnest wishes” for public welfare in the ears of Lord Shiva’s vehicle Nandi, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath tried to reach out to devout Hindus as he on Tuesday launched the campaign for the mini-midterm elections involving 24 assembly seats.

In Badnawar, Kamal Nath, who is also the state Congress chief, visited the Baijnath Temple before addressing the first Loktantra Bachao rally.

Barbs and counter-barbs between the Congress and the BJP have gone on for quite some time in Madhya Pradesh. By picking on Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the BJP’s recent acquisition Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kamal Nath seems to have focussed on voter’s sympathy for a “wronged party.”

The BJP’s quick reaction through virtual rallies intensified the battle. Leader after leader from the BJP kept blaming the Congress of spreading lies and indulging in corruption.

About the BJP’s allegations of corruption, Kamal Nath said his party would welcome a thorough investigations into the 15-month rule of his government. “We have the public as our witness. The farmers will decide if our government was true to the promise or not.”

Asked about the “Tiger zinda hai” comment from Scindia and Chouhan, Kamal Nath said the public will soon hand its verdict on who is a tiger or a cat or a mouse, as it knows everything. He said people of Madhya Pradesh are straightforward and sensible. They know who the betrayer is and where the state is headed under the new government which earned the power under a deal and is still haggling with the wheelers and dealers.

There are striking similarities between his present campaign and the one he led in 2018 to bring the Congress back into power after 15 years. Kamal Nath had started the campaign with a pooja at Ujjain. The key difference of course is the absence of Scindia, who blindsided him and his departure with a big chunk of the party caused the current campaign. Scindia was the campaign convenor then.

Though Kamal Nath and former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh were the senior leaders in the party, Scindia was presented as the youth face to draw the electorate. Digvijaya Singh was asked to bring about a patch up between various factions. Kamal Nath was thus the key campaigner. He retains that status.

Kamal Nath who drew good crowds in 2018 under Chouhan’s rule has made a striking start with Ujjain Congress leaders responding in large numbers despite the lockdown curbs. The temple town responded with hundreds of billboards greeting him.

Kamal Nath also held a one-on-one discussion with prospective candidates to set the selection process rolling. The party plans to have 24 call centres, one in each constituency that will witness the by-elections. The party workers will receive voters’ feedback and inputs for the prospective candidates and the agenda will be set on local issues.

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‘Why are forces vacating our land at LAC’? Congress

The reports say that disengagement between Indian and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops happened as per the agreed terms in the Corps Commanders’ meeting.



India China Ladakh Border

New Delhi, July 7 : The Congress has questioned the government on reports of withdrawal of Indian troops from Galwan valley in Ladakh.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the country wants response on it.

Surjewala said in a tweet “Respected Prime Minister, do you remember your words and do your words mean something and will you tell that why are our forces leaving our motherland?”

The Congress leader was commenting on reports of Indian and Chinese troops have retreated two kilometres each along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Galwan Valley, where 20 Indian and unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed in a violent face-off last month.

The Congress questioned the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement during the all-party meting held in June where the party said that the Prime Minister had claimed no one had occupied Indian territory and so it demanded Modi should apologise for that statement.

The reports say that disengagement between Indian and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops happened as per the agreed terms in the Corps Commanders’ meeting.

With the retreat from both sides, a four kilometre no-man zone has been created. “Four kilometres in the highly mountainous terrain like Galwan valley, deprives both sides to see each other’s installations and reinforcements,” sources said.

The two sides have also agreed, sources said, not to do any aerial surveillance of the retreated area, to rebuild trust which was badly damaged due to the June 15 clash.

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Senior Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki put on ventilator

The sources said Solanki is a comorbid patient with complications like asthma due to which his oxygen intake has to be increased.




Bharatsinh Solanki

Gandhinagar, July 7 : Former Union minister and senior Congress leader Bharatsinh Solanki, who was undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection, was put on ventilator support on Tuesday after his health deteriorated, sources said.

He is admitted in a private hospital in Ahmedabad. According to sources, Solanki, 67, was given plasma therapy twice on Monday, but his health deteriorated.

Solanki, a minister in UPA II government at the Centre, was the second Congress nominee for one of the four seats of the Rajya Sabha in Gujarat for which elections were held on June 19.

He was found corona positive two days after the elections.

“Solanki was administered more oxygen; that is what I know of,” Dr Manish Doshi, the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson, told the IANS.

The sources said Solanki is a comorbid patient with complications like asthma due to which his oxygen intake has to be increased.

The doctors at CIMS had consulted Dr Randeep Guleria, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Director, and some other renowned medical professionals on Monday regarding treatment of the Congress leader.

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