Ram Gopal Varma’s next ‘Biopic’ on “Sasikala”


New Delhi, December 16

Ram Gopal Varma on Thursday night tweeted about his next project “Shashikala”, and says it is the story of a “dearest closest friend of a politician”. The title and plot suggests that the film revolves around the life of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa’s- close aid V.K. Sasikala.

There is no secret that, Director Ram Gopal Varma obsessed with real-life stories based movies. Movies like Rakht Charitra, Vangaveeti, Muthappa Rao,Nayeem and many more were real life based and went well on Box-office. Though the Filmmaker says the project is “fictional”.

‘Shashikala’ is going to be a very very sincere from the heart Tamilian love story and absolutely nothing to with fictional non-politic, Varma tweeted on Thursday night. “Just registered my new film title ‘Shashikala’ It’s the story of a very dearest closest friend of a politician and completely fictional.” He further added.

The 54-year-old filmmaker said he has huge respect for Jayalalithaa, “I immensely respect Jayalalithaa, but I honestly respect Shasikalaji a little bit much much much more. Jayalalithaaji respected Shasikalaji much more than she respected anybody else proves why I should call my film ‘Shashikala’ ”.

“Jayalalithaa seen through the eyes of Sasikala is much more poetic and honest thought than seeing Jayalalithaa only through Jayalalitha,” director added. The film has lot to do with Sasikala’s personal and political relationship with J. Jayalalithaa.

Right now Varma is busy filming the third sequel of the popular crime thriller “Sarkar”. We have to now wait and see whether, Ram Gopal Varma actually ends up taking this movie sincerely, since many of his projects are still pending in the pipeline.


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