Rajya Sabha need not copy Lower House, says Modi

New Delhi, March 28: Amid continuous Parliament disruption during Budget Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday lamented the stalling of the Rajya Sabha, saying what happens in the Lok Sabha need not be followed in the upper house.

The Prime Minister came  with this remark during his farewell speech to the retiring members of the Rajya Sabha.

“There are very few in the House who have not been associated with ideology of any party. Most members here are from ideological background. So, it is quite natural that they try to establish their viewpoint in the House. But we also have expectations that it is not necessary that whatever happens in the (Lok Sabha) must be followed in the (Rajya Sabha),” he stated.

Modi said the upper house, with senior members, had a “unique significance” and played a significant role in the formulation of policies.

“Triple Talaq bill is going to play an important role in the country’s history. It would have been better if you would had contributed in such an important decision”, the Prime Minister added.

Modi further stated: I hope the retiring members would now play an even stronger role in social service. All of them have … contributed in their own way. They have worked to the best of their ability for the brighter future of the nation…

“My own office is always open to you all. Please feel free to share your thoughts on vital issues,” he said.

In his speech, the Prime Minister hailed work of several retiring members including former Attorney General K. Parasaran, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, hockey veteran Dilip Tirky and Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien.


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