Rajghat closed for two days due to VHP meet,Nationwide protest on June 29

Rajghat lockdown for two days due to VHP meet, Nationwide protest on June 29

New Delhi, June 27: A controversial incident concerning the security of Rajghat, the Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Delhi has come to light.

Some anti-social people linked to Vishwa Hindu Parishad ordered the closure of Rajghat for two days on June 24 and 25 for common visitors.

The most embarrassing thing in this entire shocking incident is that government institutions fail to answer who sanctioned the order of closure of Rajghat for two days.

For the first time, Rajghat lockdown happened but a Lock Down is a procedure used when there is an immediate threat to the building.

Two organisations devoted to Gandhian ideology and principles: Gandhi Peace Foundation and Gandhi Smarak Nidhi will
organise a protest at a national level against the closure of Rajghat on June 29.

Ramchander Rahi,Chief of Gandhi Peace Foundation and Kumar Prashant, President of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi have issued
a joint press release in which they stated that Vishwa Hindu Parishad had organised a programme on June 24 and 25th near Rajghat and for security purpose, a notice was pasted on the entry gates of Rajghat that it will be closed on June 24
and 25 for common visitors.

“…Vishwa Hindu Parishad had organized its meeting there on June 24 and June 25. Rajghat was kept locked for their
security purpose,” the joint statement stated.

“Thousands throng (it) every day to pay their respect and take inspiration. This is not some kind of Padma award given by some government but its a national emblem and a sacred place for the people of India. Any irreverent attempt will not be accepted by us, the people,” said a joint statement issued by Gandhi Peace Foundation and Gandhi Smarak Nidhi.

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