Rajasthan unemployment rate doubles national average of 8.35% in August

However, the national average unemployment rate in the same month was 8.35 per cent.
Unemployment Rate in India
Unemployment Rate in India (File)

Jaipur, Sep 24 : Rajasthan’s unemployment rate has more than doubled the national average rate of 8.35 per cent in August due to the lockdown imposed amid pandemic, which has grounded all vital activities, including tourism in the state.

The data has been recently released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

As per the data, the desert state has been ranked third after registering an unemployment rate of 17.5 per cent in August. Haryana tops the list with an unemployment rate of 33.5 per cent, followed by Tripura whose unemployment rate was 27.9 per cent in the same month.

However, the national average unemployment rate in the same month was 8.35 per cent.

A prominent hotelier of the state, Prithvi Singh said, “Rajasthan depends on tourism, export and handicrafts. Because of the pandemic, all three segments are shut as of now. Hence the dip.”

Tourism in Rajasthan contributes 23 per cent to its GDP, and hence, the need of the hour is aggressive marketing of tourism as it creates jobs for millions of people in the state directly and directly, he added.

A Rajasthan-based tour operator Sanjay Kaushik says, “Unlocking tourism at the right time is the need of the hour. As per reports, one foreign tourist generates jobs for around 40 people while one domestic tourist also creates jobs for around 25 people.

“Those guides, taxi drivers, artists engaged in puppet shows and the artisans making puppets and many more local handicraft makers and folk dancers get their regular income via tourism. Even in rural Rajasthan, the economy depends on tourism, those owning camels and horses, guides, taxis, cabbies, folk singers and all earn money with tourists coming in. There is a need for aggressive marketing of tourism in the state.

“Campaigns like ‘Padharo Mharo Des’ should be aggressively promoted; people are waiting to travel. However, there is a fear amongst them. Do they have to undergo quarantine? Do they have to take covid-19 test, if they come to the state? These doubts should be resolved. The festive season is coming and, hence, restrictions should be eased like other states,” he said.

Prithvi Singh said, “The need of the hour is to promote domestic tourism. Government needs to market Rajasthan extensively. People are scared to go out. The government should remove their fears and bring in confidence-building measures. In fact, promotion of pilgrim tourism can give a major boost,” he added.

He further said that the government should give rebates on extensive travelling. For example, if you travel after spending a particular amount, you should be eligible to get a rebate in one or the other form. The idea can be fine tuned with further brainstorming, Singh said, adding “These slew of ideas can help to generate employment in villages as well as urban areas.”

Meanwhile, a prominent travel agent said that taxes on liquor in the form of corona tax were thwarting the growth of hospitality in the state.

“In bars, every bottle is charged for corona tax, alcohol is highly taxed, petrol and diesel are also being taxed when their prices are plunging across the globe. The government, instead of planning to fill its empty coffers via taxes, should give respite from these taxes, which will boost tourism,” he added.

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