Rajasthan: 6 Kashmiri students beaten up, called stone pelters


Jaipur, April 20: In a complete act of cynicism, 6 Kashmiri students studying in Rajasthan’s Mewar University are beaten up by locals of Chittorgarh district and allegedly termed them as terrorists and stone-peltors.

A student of the university on the condition of anonymity confirmed the news and said “At least nine fellow students were beaten up with sticks and bats around 6 p.m. on Wednesday near Gangrar town after the locals got to know that they are from Kashmir. At least six of them were injured.

Hindustan Times quoted one of the victims, Bahar Ahmed Giri, who said, “Six of us were assaulted in three separate attacks that took place at the same time in the market. The attacks seemed coordinated.”

Though none of the students suffered serious injuries, the community is upset with the university administration for failing to protect them and have demanded the arrest of defenders.

Giri added, “They hurled abuses, called us terrorists and said we throw stones at the army. They told us to go back to Kashmir and threatened that they won’t let us study here.”

Reportedly Rajasthan Police registered an FIR against two unknown people but recorded a different version of events. The university has also backed the police’s version.

According to the police, in the scuffle 2 men attacked and students too retaliated. While University director Harish Gurnani said, “A little scuffle happened between the students and the outsiders. There is nothing serious.”

However the students have alleged that police is weaving a story. “Police did not do anything. They say that the locals did not harm us. Will they act when the locals kill one or two of us?,” another student Waseem Khan said.

He alleged that the attackers also reached the hospital where they were being treated and abused them in the presence of police.

This is not the first time when an attack is being reported on the University students from Valley.

Earlier, in March 2016, 4 Kashmiri students were beaten up after rumours of beef being cooked in the university hostel was spread. The following month, a massive scuffle arose after India lost to West Indies in the T20 cricket world cup. After the incident, 16 Kashmiri students and a warden who also hailed from Kashmir, were suspended by the university.

“If the university can’t provide us security, they should tell us. We’ll all go back. Last time also they assured us that the offenders will be arrested but nothing happened,” Khan said.

According to Kashmiri students, around 250 university students from the J&K protested against Wednesday’s incident. Some students even skipped dinner in protest however the university denied these protests.

“These students had dinner and there was no protest. Classes are being held as usual,” a Mewar University official said.

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