Raj Thackeray target migrants, compares Maharashtra with the UK

Raj Thackrey
The MNS thrives on an anti-migrant agenda and has on numerous occasions targeted people from outside the state, especially east India, and their businesses. In a recent issue, Raj Thackrey gave a statement that Maharashtra is facing similar situations and problems as the UK, which pulled out of the European Union as “outsiders” who were allegedly taking away jobs that lead unemployment among locals.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray said, Brexit to be used to queer the pitch against migrants.
He referred the Maharashta locals as “Marathi Manoos” for the state is losing out to “outsiders”. According to him, The problem was prevalent across the world but whenever he raised the issue, he was labelled narrow-minded, he told a gathering here on Saturday.

“England pulled out from the European Union (EU) out of anger, as locals there were not getting jobs. They also have no work like Maharashtrian youth, as ‘outsiders’ had grabbed all the opportunities,” The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief said, “We have jobs in Maharashtra but outsiders are getting them. They are also getting admission in educational institutions depriving our children of their rights,” Thackeray said.

Local children should get priority in jobs and education and what is left could be shared with “others”, Thackeray said. “…Then India is my country and all Indians are my brother and sisters, ‘’ the MNS chief said, mocking a popular pledge schoolchildren recite.
The thoughts are expected to get shriller as the civic body elections in the state are due in 2017.


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