Rainy season: Protect silver jewellery from humidity


New Delhi, July 5: Protection of silver jewellery in rainy season is a tough task as it humidity and air pollutants take the shine of jewellery.

Keep it away from liquid cleaners and store it in ziplock plastic bags, say experts.

Designer Anuradha Ramam and Tarang Arora, Creative Director and CEO at Amrapali Jewels, have a few handy tips:

* Always remove your jewellery before going to shower and even during washing your hands. And a must no to silver jewellery in the rain.

* To avoid stucking in engravings that cause dullness never use liquid cleaners on your jewellery.

* Use different bag for silver jewellery, preferably a ziplock plastic bag anayer of cotton to pack the jewellery.

* Commercial silver cleaners do more harm than good to your jewellery. They ruin the anti-tarnish coating and valuable patina that your silver has and leaves it more vulnerable than before.

* To get back the versatility of jewellery go to a professional silver cleaner get it treated with the right equipment and treatments like the silver dip.

* Consider a mild, ammonia and phosphate-free dishwashing soap with lukewarm water to clean your ornament.

* When dressing, jewellery should always be worn in the end as cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to the delicate items.

* You can also put activated charcoal and silicon pouch in the ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing.

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