Railways Ministry pays Rs 5,000 to train accident victims in banned currency

Suresh prabhu Rs 5000 compensation-min

Kanpur, 20 November: Mocking up ‘fate of being a common man in India,’ Railway Ministry officials compensated train tragedy victims Rs 5000 in banned currency.

Post demonetisation announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8, the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes are just pieces of paper as they lost the legal notice. While distributing banned currency, were officials trying to get rid of their black money? And to convert this black money into white money, the victims would be required to stand in long bank queues. The exchange limit has been restricted to Rs 2000, once till December 30. So, all they could do with this money is deposit in the bank and then withdraw later on to spend.

More than 115 people died and 200 injured when 14 coaches of Indore-Patna Express train derailed near Kanpur around 3:00 am.

Interestingly, at a political rally in Agra today, Prime Minister expressed his immense grief over the lost lives and had assured necessary financial help to the victims. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu also tweeted about the exgratia to the relatives of those who lost lives and those who are injured in this unfortunate accident.

However, in the most shameful manner, the ministry officials followed their chiefs by doling out banned currency notes as help to the injured.

The news came across when a Time Now journalist, Prashant Kumar, tweeted pic and information.

He tweeted: “Shocking: Old 500 notes given to patients who survived the accident. Turning blck money into white? 5000 given. 9*500 (old) notes. 5*100 rs.” (sic)

The step by Railways officials is utterly shameful. The victims had said that those who distributed money were from the railway ministry.

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