Rahul thanks Modi for teaching, says will convert BJP into Congress

New Delhi, July 20 : Congress President Rahul Gandhi thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and RSS for teaching him the meaning of being a “Hindu” and to never attack the opponents  and asserted that he “will turn Bharatiya Janata Party into Congress”.

“You might think that I have anger for PM Modi, BJP, RSS. I am speaking from the heart.Instead, I am thankful to them for teaching me the meaning of Congress, being Indian, Lord Shiva, and being a Hindu,” Rahul said while Leading Congress party’s charge against the Modi government during the no-confidence debate in Lok Sabha.

Rahul ended his speech by saying, “You have taught me that no matter what anybody says or hits you, never attack them. You might have anger for me. You might call me names, call me pappu, but I will remove this feeling from you. thanks for teaching me how to be a Hindu” and I will convert everyone and you into Congress , because no one can deny that my party has built up this nation.”

“Multiple leaders from the BJP came out and congratulated me for the speech, I want to tell you that the Opposition has united and we will defeat BJP in 2019,” Gandhi said.

The Lok Sabha is currently hearing the debate on the no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi government.

“Whenever someone is attacked, it is an attack on BR Ambedkar, the Constitution and this House. When your minister talks about changing the Constitution, it is an attack on India. We will not tolerate this,” Gandhi said.

“The difference between us and PM and Amit Shah is that we are willing to lose power. The PM and president of BJP can’t afford to lose power .The moment they lose power, other processes will start against them. Hence, there is fear, there is anger. The prime minister and BJP president act out of fear. This is the fear that is translating in India”, Rahul said.


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