Rahul Gandhi’s speech was full of facts: Ahmed Patel

ahmed patel

New Delhi, July 20: Reacting to allegations made by BJP leaders, Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Friday said that the speech of AICC President Rahul Gandhi during no-confidence motion debate was full of facts.

Patel stated the Congress chief has questioned the government, I think it’s going to be tough for them to answer his questions.

Congress MP Rajiv Satav told media “Rahul Gandhi had once said the day he will speak in the Parliament earthquake will come and today it has definitely come”.

In his fiery speech during no-confidence motion debate, Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi government over issues ranging from Demonetisation to defence issues including Rafale deal and matters relating to country especially atrocities on Dalits, women safety and Lynching.

Concluding his nearly 40-minute speech Gandhi said “I have not an iota of hatred or hard feelings against you. You hate me. You may call me Pappu, you can use a stream of expletives for me. But I don’t hate you or have even slightest of anger for you. I am the Congress”.

After tearing into the BJP-led centre, the Congress President walked across to the ruling benches and hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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