Rahul Gandhi’s criticism is similar to PM Modi ‘s criticism of UPA during foreign trips

It’s really astonishing how BJP leaders have been reacting to Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s remark on the increasing presence and influence of dynastic politics in India.Rahul rightly pointed out the issue of dynasty which is a common factor in Indian politics and in some professions.

Take for instances some prominent political families of the BJP Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s son Pankaj Singh is General Secretary-BJP Uttar Pradesh who has a son BJP MP Pritam Munde and her sister Pankaja Munde daughter of late Gopinath Munde. Poonam Mahajan daughter of Pramod Mahajan is a Lok Sabha MP from Mumbai North Central. Vasundhara Raje is chief Minister of Rajasthan her son dushyant singh is a Lok Sabha MP. Raje’s sister, Yashodhara Raje Scindia is the industries minister in Madhya Pradesh. Chhatisgarh chief Minister Raman Singh son Abhishek, is Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon. Former Finance minister Yashwant Singh son Jayant is an MP from Hazaribagh. Piyush Goel is the son of former minister and party treasurer late Ved Prakash Goyal and many more examples are there. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is son of Ex Prachar Pramukh of Gujart Madhukar Rao Bhagwat.

The politics in India has changed after 2014 on the fact that what Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to speak at the international forums and in foreign countries was termed  correct and right by BJP and RSS men but when the same thing is being said by the Opposition party Congress is criticized by Smiriti Irani. Smiriti has been designated by BJP to counter Rahul in all spheres so her criticism is understood.  Rahul said  that he was trying to change  the culture of dynasty politics in the Congress party and the example had been given by Gandhi family when they installed Manmohan Singh as the Prime mInister  and now Rahul Gandhi wants to spread that culture in his party so hence proved.

One major point should be considered Nehru-Gandhi family have spent five generations in serving the country so expectations are bound to be very high and so is the criticism by the Opposition parties  and a human factor is always there Jealousy but in the last a politician is judged by his cunningness  and a leader is judged by his actions.

Again when Rahul commented about Modi government Kashmir policy, he referred to the safety of Kashmiri people. Moreover the suspension of internet services is not the answer of resolving the Kashmir crisis.

BJP leaders and the Prime minister Narendra Modi should also confess that the dictatorial style of implementing demonetisation and GST have brought tremendous difficulties for the common man and the Indian economy  as small businesses and traders have almost vanished and only some top companies are able to sustain.

It is evident from the fact that India’s consumer price inflation rose more than expected to a five-month high in August, fuelled by strong gains in prices of food items, dampening chances of a rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in a policy review next month amid weak economic growth.

India’s consumer price index (CPI) rose 3.36 percent in August from a year earlier, data released by the Ministry of Statistics on Tuesday showed.

Modi used to term UPA the govt of scandals when he used to speak in foreign countries but when Rahul is listing Modi government’s failures on the same platform then why BJP leaders are adopting double standards by targeting Rahul for criticising the country on foreign soil, Smriti Irani  said he was driven by “boosting his own image, not patriotism”. To his criticism of the NDA government’s approach on Jammu and Kashmir, Irani said he should not forget the “legacy of challenges left behind by the Nehru-Gandhi family”.

The history is replete  with instances whenever the BJP has ruled the centre , the Kashmiris were alienated  and now Rajnath Singh is camping in Jammu and Kashmir to dispel the fears of the Kashmiris after the government’s actions have been highly criticised in foreign media.

Reminding Modi government of shunning the idea of violence and the politics of polarisation, Rahul Gandhi advised that only the humanitarian approach can deliver good results in Kashmir.

arti bali

By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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