Rahul Gandhi to address farmers in Mandsaur on June 6

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, June 2: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday threw his weight behind the farmers protesting countrywide ahead of the first anniversary of the deaths of seven peasants during police firing in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur on June 6 last year.

In a tweet that came a day after a 10-day farmers’ protest began on Friday, Gandhi said he would address a rally in Mandsaur on June 6 to highlight the issues related to agriculture in the country.

“Everyday, about 35 farmers commit suicide in our country. To attract government’s attention towards the agrarian crisis, farmers are forced to protest for 10 days.”

The Congress President’s remarks came a day after the farmers in the agrarian states of Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh on Friday  launched the 10-day Kisan Avkash, a call given by various farmer organisations in different states, dumping their produce, milk and other food items on the roads.


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