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Rahul Gandhi terms northeast Delhi clashes disturbing

The statement had come after violence broke out in northeast Delhi between pro and anti-CAA activists in which one Delhi Police head constable lost his life.



Rahul Gandhi on Kashmir Situation

New Delhi, Feb 24 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi here on Monday condemned the clashes in northeast Delhi over the new citizenship law and appealed for peace.

“The violence today in Delhi is disturbing & must be unequivocally condemned. Peaceful protests are a sign of a healthy democracy, but violence can never be justified,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Calling for peace, the former Congress chief said, “I urge the citizens of Delhi to show restraint, compassion & understanding no matter what the provocation.”

The Congress had earlier alleged hate speeches by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders and inaction on the part of the Delhi Police for total breakdown of law & order.

“The Delhi Police, under the Home Ministry, have failed to control law & order. BJP leaders have been openly delivering hate speeches and threats, but no action is being taken,” it had said.

The statement had come after violence broke out in northeast Delhi between pro and anti-CAA activists in which one Delhi Police head constable lost his life.

The Congress alleged BJP leader Kapil Mishra made hate speeches in complicity with senior leaders. “Such comments can only be made with complicity of senior party leaders and the police,” the Congress wrote on official Twitter handle.

A youth also received bullet injury. Several vehicles and a house in the vicinity were also set ablaze. Tension prevailed in the area.


Share profit from fuel with Public: Congress




Modi Petrol Price

New Delhi, April 6 : The Congress has asked the government to share the “profit” of Rs 20 lakh crore earned in last six years from the sale of gas, diesel and petrol with the public as due to pandemic people are suffering the most. Give healing touch by “subventions, injections and subsidies”, the Congress said.

Addressing a Press Conference on Monday, senior spokesperson of the party Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “BJP has to realise that it has to stop this process of solo profiteering. All profits are for them, all pain is for the common man. Instead of stealing touch, they have to understand how to give healing touch, you can give it by subventions, injections, subsidies”.

“Can’t you part with even 5 per cent of our GDP? USA parted with 10 per cent and around the corner with another 5 per cent, total 15 per cent of their GDP. Our Government cannot pocket this profit, it has to give it back to the farmers for diesel, give subsidies to farmers and migrant workers,” said Singhvi.

The party said lives of people are most important, followed by livelihood and It’s not a time for profiteering, it’s time for the government to do profit sharing. The important figure to be noted is that in March 2014, international oil prices were $108 per barrel & 6 years later on March 30, 2020 it was $23 per barrel, 18-19 year historic low. We all should know that a decrease in oil prices internationally benefits directly the Government of India. Petrol as of today is available at Rs 28 per litre as far as international price is concerned, but it is sold to us at Rs 74 per litre.

“It is important that in the nation’s economic grief, the Government has to give monetary relief. It has to be the nation’s monetary relief not the government’s monetary relief,” added Singhvi.

The Congress said that the price of LPG cylinder has risen from Rs 412 in May 2014 to Rs 858 currently. In just the last 6 months, there have been 6 hikes in LPG cylinder price and it is sad that in the middle of Corona month – March, 4 terrible hikes happened.

The party slammed the government for raising fuel prices by Rs 3 per litre on March 14 and on March 24 – finance bill passed sanctioning special duty on petrol, diesel and on the same day on March 24, lockdown was announced but the international crude was at $23 till March 30.

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This is insult to Hyderabad, Aurangabad: Owaisi




asaduddin owaisi

Hyderabad, April 5 (IANS) AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision not to invite him to the video conference with floor leaders of political parties on covid-19 is an insult to the people of Hyderabad and Aurangabad.

The Hyderabad MP tweeted that All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) not being invited to the video conference is an insult to the proud people of Aurangabad and Hyderabad.

“Are they lesser humans because they chose AIMIM. Please explain why they’re not worthy of your kind attention? As MPs it’s our job to represent to you the economic & humanitarian misery of our people,” said Owaisi who tagged Prime Minister’s Office.

Owaisi said people of Hyderabad and Aurangabad elected him and Imtiaz Jaleel respectively so that they will raise their issues. “Now, we’re being denied an audience with His Highness.

Hyderabad has 93 active covid-19 cases, I want to put forth our ideas on how we can fight this pandemic & identify areas where we’re lacking,” he added.

The Hyderabad MP also posted the press release from Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Prahlad Joshi. According to the release, Modi will be interacting with floor leaders of political parties (who have more than 5 MPs in Parliament combining Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) through video conference at 11 a.m. on April 8.

This video conference pertains to covid-19 related issues, it said. AIMIM has only two members in Lok Sabha and it has no representation in Rajya Sabha.

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COVID-19: Increase funds to hotspot states: Ahmed Patel



Ahmed Patel

New Delhi, April 5 Congress leader Ahmed Patel has demanded that the central government increase disaster risk management funds to states with high number of cases of coronavirus.

“Central government must consider number of Covid-19 cases and hotspots to decide allocation of state disaster risk management fund to states,” he tweeted.

The Congress leader said that under the present situation, states like Delhi, Kerala and Punjab have a large number of positive cases but were receiving very little money from SDRMF.

“I request Union Home Minister Amit Shah to include Covid-19 as a criterion apart from the Finance Commission criteria for disbursement of funds to states,” said Patel.

The Health Ministry on Sunday said 77 deaths had been reported across the country due to coronavirus so far, with the total cases up to 3,374.

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