Rahul Gandhi assures student issues will be on national agenda

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi 1

New Delhi, Dec 6: Congress President Rahul Gandhi today assured the students that his party will put the issues concerning the “nation builders” of future on the national agenda.

Taking a note that many from the student community witness an “uphill task”, Gandhi assured them of direct access to opportunities and promised to end corruption in the academic system.

In an open letter to students, Gandhi stated a platform “Behtar Bharat” was being unveiled where students would have their say, thereby putting students’ issues on the national agenda.

“You tell us the issues that matter to you and we will put them on the national agenda. Your concerns are our concerns, your priorities are the Congress party’s priorities,” wrote Gandhi.

Calling them “nation builders”, the Congress Chief said: “Countries forge ahead not with war but with science and technology and art and literature. Societies progress by embracing rationality and justice.

“However, many of you face an uphill battle: it is not easy to get admission into good colleges, college fees are often very high, and sometimes what you study does not seem helpful to getting a job.

“We will do everything we can so that you have direct access to opportunities, and we will end the corruption in the system which holds you back,” said Gandhi.

Behtar Bharat was launched by the Congress student wing National Students Union of India.


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