Rahul Gandhi starts campaign in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday starts his roadshow in Gorakhpur.

Rahul’s “Khat Sabha” campaign is to cater to the problems of the farmers in Gorakhpur. As the roadshow begins, he will go door to door and will personally listen to each and every problem of the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi met Encephalitis patients at Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur earlier today.

He then added, “Modi waved off the loans of rich farmers and not the ones coming from poor background. Like we had waived off Rs 70,000 crore debt for farmers, we will put pressure on NDA government to do the same in interest of farmers.”

Rahul Gandhi said that it is not necessary to put aside the debt of a rich farmer who has no worries but of the poor one. He also noted that there are two types of people in India, the one who travel in private planes and the other who work hard in the field or small business. This Yartra is because the government in Delhi is only for those who have private planes.

Rahul Gandhi hit Modi with the prime slogan of his speech, Janta trast hai aur Modi ji mast hain.”

On Tuesday, Gandhi reached Rudrapur via chopper and launched the party’s door-to-door campaign.

Yesterday in Deoria, the roadshow (Khat Sabha) with the farmers took a theatrical turn all the local people took khats for themselves which was kept there.

Earlier, Rahul said that his yatra or campaign focuses on helping the farmers, poor and labourers to protect their rights and fulfil their demands.

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