Rahul Gandhi slams Modi- Asks him to decide whether to laugh or cry

Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai, November 15, 2016: Addressing a press conference in Mumbai today, Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Modi government on the issue of demonitization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 100 notes and alleged that this decision was not thought through. He also asked the Prime Minister to decide whether he wants to laugh or cry. He was referring to Prime Minister’s two speeches in which he touched upon the issue of demonitization.

Rahul also alleged that BJP leaders are seen holding wads of new currency notes on social media these days and wanted to know the source of these funds. He further alleged that expect for a few close to the Prime Minister nobody had an inkling about his decision, not even the Finance Minister. He said that if an independent investigation is held on the issue, a major scam would eventually be unearthed.

Rahul further told reporters that most of the economists he had met were of the view that there is no economic rationale behind this decision. He said that while all the big black money players like Vijay Mallaya and Lalit Modi were allowed to go scot free and are leading a comfortable life abroad, its the common man, the farmers, the government servants who are bearing the burnt of this move.

He said that the entire opposition is united and ready to take on the government on this issue.

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