Rahul Gandhi: PM speaks on TV, pop concerts, not in Parliament


New Delhi, November 22: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his absence from the Parliament even on the fourth day of the ongoing Winter Session.

In a scathing attack on PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said PM has time to attend ‘pop concerts’ but not Parliament. On Saturday Modi addressed Global Citicizen’s Coldplay concert in Mumbai.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi can speak on TV, pop concerts, then why not in Parliament.”

All the Opposition parties have united to confront center’s decision of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. From past four days opposition has been demanding presence of PM Modi for the House debate on demonetisation. But so far Prime Minister has skipped the ongoing Winter Session.

Congress leader and former Union Minister Anand Sharma has demanded the rollback of currency ban and said that the government’s demonetisation move was illegal.

“What is happening in India is continuing illegality. White money is being accounted. Nobody can impose limitations on it white money that is being accounted…If PM Modi is saying that 86% currency in this country is black then it is a very shameful statement,” he said.

While Congress spokesperson Surjewala said that, “Modi Govt has seen that it can neither go back nor go fwd on DeMonetisation, they are devising escape routes, escapism won’t do. 70 people have died in 13 days …will PM apologise to those families?”

On November 8, PM Modi stunned the nation by announcing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes which owed up to 86 % of country’s cash. India became cashless and till banks and ATMs have been thronged by people to withdraw and exchange old notes. Modi government is highly criticised for bad implementation of demonetation plan.

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