Rahul Gandhi mocks PM, says Modi ji fooling Indians with Demonetization


New Delhi, Jan 11: Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday concluded the Jan Vendna Sammelan organised by Indian National Congress (INC) and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fooling Indians with his schemes.

“Modi ji fooling Indians with ,  ‘Digital India’, ‘Swacch Bharat’ etc. He thinks only he is wise, rest of us foolish,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Taking a jibe on Modi, Rahul said that “Congress philosophy says ‘daro mat’ (fear not), and the other philosophy says ‘daro aur darao’ (live in fear, spread the fear).”

Constantly hitting out on Modi, he said that PM believes if there’s more fear then work can be done. “After Surgical Strike they said, Indian Army like Israeli Army. Does that mean they were lesser than Israeli Army before that?” he added.

Wherever PM goes he talks about bringing a change, was the country very bad earlier? He believes he is messiah of this country, Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi attacked PM over BJP’s strategy and said that it spreads fear among masses. He also said that without consulting RBI, within a matter of hours, Demonetization announced; the entire institution of RBI was destroyed.

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