Rahul Gandhi ‘fails’ Modi govt in four-year report card

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, May 26: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi led central government completed four years in office today, Congress President Rahul Gandhi released a report for the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

Gandhi, in a Twitter post, gave the BJP government ‘F’ in four segments: agriculture, foreign policy, fuel prices and job creation.

He also added remarks for Modi, calling him a “master communicator” who struggles with complex issues and a short attention span.

The Modi government began its fifth and last year of governance on Saturday before India votes for a new government in next year’s general election.

While the Congress President gave  ‘A+’ for slogan creation and self-promotion to PM Modi.

On a day when the saffron party is celebrating its fourth anniversary by reaching out to people and highlighting government achievements, the Congress has termed the day as ‘Betrayal Day’.

The opposition party is observing Vishwasghat Diwas across the country to mark the anniversary of Modi government.


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