Rahul Gandhi demands sacking of Hegde for ‘Muslim wife’ remark

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi in Jaipur , Congress Twitter

Bengaluru, Jan 28: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has slammed Union minister Ananth kumar Hegde for his bizarre comments on how to keep Hindu girls ‘safe ,saying that Hegde be sacked as a Union Minister.

Hegde also attacked Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao for his reaction and even dragged Rao’s wife.

“We should be aware of what is happening around us. Regardless of caste and religion, any hand that touches a Hindu girl should not exist,” the Union Minister had said.

“This man is an embarrassment to every Indian. He’s unfit to be a Union Minister and deserves to be sacked,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi. On Hedge’s “hands” comment, Karnataka Congress unit chief Dinesh Gundu Rao said that nothing better could be expected him.

“Wht are ur achievements after becoming a Union Minister or as MP? Wht are ur contributions for Karnataka’s development? All I can say for sure, it’s deplorable tht such people have become ministers & have managed to get elected as MP’s,” Rao tweeted.

Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde and Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Gundu Rao were on Monday locked in a Twitter war over their respective achievements and contributions.

Responding to Hegde’s tweet that he knew Rao as “a guy who ran behind a Muslim lady”, the latter retorted that it was sad to see the Central minister stoop to such “low levels as to bring in personal issues”.

Gundu Rao, a Congress lawmaker, is married to Tabu Rao.

“Sad to see @AnantKumarH stoop to such low levels as to bring in personal issues. Guess it’s his lack of culture. Guess he hasn’t learnt from our Hindu scriptures. Time hasn’t run out, he can still try and become a more dignified human,” Rao tweeted.

When Rao questioned Hegde in another tweet asking what his achievements and contributions were after becoming Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship or as MP from Uttara Kannada district, Hedge in turn questioned Rao’s contributions.

“I shall definitely answer this guy @dineshgrao’s queries, before which could he please reveal himself as to who he is along with his achievements? I only know him as a guy who ran behind a Muslim lady,” Hegde had said.

The heated Twitter exchange began after Hegde during his speech on Sunday in Kodagu district remarked that “any hand that touches a Hindu girl should not exist”.

Rao’s criticism of the remarks snowballed into a Twitter war between the two leaders.

Meanwhile, Rao’s wife Tabu in a statement said it was “misogynistic” of a Union Minister to target her.

“It appears I am a soft target for BJP leaders who are unable to take on my husband Dinesh Gundu Rao… I am a private person, a mother of two girls and a devout housewife. I do not hold any party or public position,” she said.

She was born a Muslim but was a “proud Indian” first, Tabu said.

“I have never made any personal remarks against any BJP leader and I strongly resent them using me as a pawn in their cheap politics,” she added.

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