Rahul Gandhi corners Modi Govt on Rafale Deal in Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Jan 2: Congress Presidnet Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targetted the Narendra Modi government over the Rafale Deal in the Lok Sabha.

In a fiery speech, Gandhi said that “the Prime Minister does not have the guts to come to Parliament and confront the questions on Rafale”.

“Prime Minister in an interview said that no one is accusing him personally on Rafale. Entire nation is asking a direct question to the PM”.

First pillar is process, second is pricing and the third and most interesting is patronage. Senior officers of the IAF chose Rafale after long negotiations, IAF wanted 126 aircraft, why was the demand changed to 36″, he asked.

“Fundamental question to Prime Minister Modi is, did the Airforce change the requirements or did the PM unilaterally without asking the Airforce?”

Continuing his attack, the Congress President said “Everybody knows that in the UPA deal, Rafale aircraft was bought at ₹526Cr/unit. When PM met then President of France, the price of the aircraft in new deal was increased to ₹1600Cr/unit. Why?”

“HAL is manufacturing aircrafts for last 70 years. It has tremendous record and is a bedrock of technology. On the other hand, Mr. Anil Ambani has a ₹45,000Cr debt and opens the company 10 days before the contract”.

“Is it or is it not a fact that the new price that PM Modi negotiated (₹1600Cr/unit) was objected by Defence Ministry officials?”


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