Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Narendra Modi on JUN row, Pathankot

Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi  attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi from all sides from issues ranging from Pathankot terror attack, Modi’s tea with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to domestic issues like JNU row , Rohith vemula suicide case to Nagaland accord in which nothing was divulged to Home ministry that amounts to insult to our national flag.
Rahul Gandhi questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the issue of JNU that has taken the country by storm. “When in the Court, teachers and students and media people were being beaten, why did the PM did not utter even a single word?”

Advising PM Modi on nationalism Rahul Gandhi said     “When I salute the flag, I dont salute the cloth, but the relationships it represents    You are not defending the flag when you silence dissent.   A nation is the relationship between its people. It is nothing but the conversation between its citizens”.

Whose opinion does the PM listen to? Whose opinion does he respect, his ministers?: Rahul Gandhi in LS
When students and teachers were beaten in the court, PM didn’t say a word: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha.
RSS taught you that there is only one truth, your own: Rahul
The country is not the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister is not the country: Rahul

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi lambasted the government on a lot of issues, including the issue of JNU sedition and that of credibility of the Make in India campaign. He questioned the PM and demanded that the PM reveal the rate of success of the campaign in the work of giving employment to the poor.

Modi govt has launched ‘Fair and Lovely’ yojana to convert black money to white, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the issue of black money and employment. “They launched a “Fair & Lovely” yojana, to convert black money to white money. Modi ji had promised that he will put people with black money behind bars, now they have come up with way to save those people”, said Gandhi, taking a jibe at Modi.



Rahul said,”The country is not Prime Minister and Prime Minister is not country  ,PM Modi told congress president Sonia Gandhi that  he has solved the Nagaland problem .”

Rahul asked Modi ” What has the government signed even the officials of the Home nministry , intelligence have no idea what PM Modi has signed with Nagaland .” It has vanished by bye accord gone with the wind .

It is an  insult to the national flag  and  PM Modi didn’t care about the Pathankot terror attack

Rahul attacked Pm MODI On Pathankot

Pakistan directly attacked this country in Mumbai (26/11). Almost 200 people were murdered and butchered: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha
And what does PM do? Without any thought or vision, the PM decided to go have tea with Pakistan PM: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha
PM does not listen to anybody; Even Home Minister was not aware of Naga Accord which PM signed, says Rahul.
PM Narendra Modi destroyed single-highhandedly destroyed UPA’s work on Pakistan: Rahul
I protected our Indian flag when I let your people wave those black flags in my face: Rahul Gandhi

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