Rahul attacks Centre over fuel price hike

Rahul Gandhi Farmers
Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi: “Gas, Diesel, Petrol have been heavily taxed, while PSU, PSB are sold to friends to snatch jobs and facilities of common man.

The rule of PM is to sell the country and give benefits to friends (sic).” 
Both the fuel is on the boil in the country with the pump price of petrol and diesel rising by 26 times in 2021 by Rs 7.46 and Rs 7.60 per litre respectively so far this year.

Petrol price has also breached the Rs 100 a litre-mark in several cities. The rising fuel prices are impacting the demand conditions in India, according to the official data, the country’s fuel consumption fell sharply in February, the second consecutive month when demand was slowing signs of a slackening amid rising fuel prices.

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