Raga on Day 10: Why cows dying on road do not matter?

Rahul Gandhi

Jhansi, September 17, 2016: The 10th day of congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s 25 day Deoria to Delhi Mahayatra commenced from Mahoba and progressed towards Jhansi.

Amidst high-octane political scuffle of ruling Samajwadi Party in UP and reported homicide cases by so-called gau rakshaks, the congress VP took no time to jibe at the state of affairs in UP and center while addressing the Khat sabha with locals.

He started his day by visiting the freedom fighter, Achee lal Saxena, and his family in Mahoba. Then he held a Khat sabha with farmers and listened to troubles of farmers and organizations of Aanganwadi.

He had a candid meeting with farmers and asked them in Khat sabha, when a farmer works with his blood and sweat, it does not get him debt. But an industrialist gets loan here. Are you happy with this India? Said Gandhi in his Khat sabha at Panvadi Mahoba.

Rahul Gandhi reiterated at his Panvadi cot Assembly, that BJP plays religion for politics. He told the farmers that he has seen thousands of cows sitting on the road from past two days. He said these cows die from collision of vehicles every day and nobody is interested in knowing if cow is safe on the street?

Heading to UP politics he said, cycle was punctured from 4.5 years and was not running. CM Akhilesh realized it late but has thrown punctured tyre only out after the 4.5 years but Mulayam Singh ji have reassembled the punctured tyre.

He questioned Bundelkhand package money and doubted pockets of The BSP and the Samajwadi Party.

He also had a public meeting at Galla Mandi Ground, mauranipur (Jhansi) and met local people. He was warmly welcomed by people in bangara, Jhansi as well.

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