Rafale scam is getting thicker and curiouser: Congress

Jaipal Reddy

New Delhi, Sep 27: In a fresh attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Rafale deal, the Congress today said PM is getting sandwiched between the international revelations and internal disclosures.

Addressing a press conference Senior Congress leader Jaipal Reddy stated ” the Rafale scam is getting thicker and curiouser with every passing day. Today we refer to two important developments”.

“For the first time yesterday, current French President avoided the question on Rafale and said he was not incharge at the time. In other words, he did not contradict the former French President’s words”.

The former Union Minister further stated that it was certain that Anil Ambani’s company was taken as the offset partner due to the pressure from the Indian government.

“This consistent non-contradiction from current French authorities of the claim made by former French President is absolutely tantamount to confirmation of facts”.

“Modi stands self-condemned. For everything he refers to Pakistan as a ploy. Is the Prime Miniter saying that ex-French President is not well-wisher of India? Did Modi not go in for repeated hugs when he went to France to sign the deal, he asked.

“A PM of India is being contradicted by a former President of responsible world power. Can anybody give a single example where Indian PM is contradicted by a major friendly, western democracy?, the Congress leader questioned.

Reddy said “Now there’s a new development. This deal was signed between PM Modi and French President Hollande on 14th April, 2015. I’m not aware of any major defence pact being ratified after the deal was signed. It’s an exceptional case of post-facto ratification”.

“When the deal was signed by the head of the nation, what option were the subordinates left with? Subordinates had to make up and prepare the appropriate paperwork for ratification by the Cabinet Committee on Security”, he added.

“A deal signed by Modi and Hollande had to be signed between the Defence Ministers. Manohar Parrikar and his counterpart signed this formal ratification on September 2016. More than one year later”.

In Defence Ministry, there is a department called Acquisition and Merger. Jt. Secretary objected to the deal already signed by PM of India: Jaipal Reddy

The Congress said the objections were on the grounds of- firstly the Price arrived by UPA govt were cheaper than NDA deal and secondly Eurofighter had offered to supply same kind of aircraft at 20% cheaper.

“Jt. Secretary had stated the govt to ask France to reduce the price. Then the Jt. Secretary Mr. Rajeev Verma had to go on leave. Smitha Nagraj, senior officer who comes next, overrules the Jt. Secretary’s points”, he added.

“After all this, the process of ratification of agreement between Defence Ministers of India and France was delayed for more than one year”.

“So far we haven’t got the answer for why the aircrafts were reduced from 126 to 36. What happens to the remaining aircrafts?”

Hitting out at the Prime Minister he said  the Rafale scam has begun to stink and PM Modi has begun to sink.


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