Radhika Apte’s Parched Isn’t Just About Women, but for society in general

Leena Yadav’s Parched which is produced by Actor and filmmaker Ajay Devgan is a heart breaking movie is about stereotypes, societal obligations in Rajasthan.

Leena opened up about the leaked sex scene in the film said at the trailer launch, “People have a tendency to sensationalise things…I think it should be stopped now. By exaggerating it, we are giving much importance to these things. I didn’t say anything so far as it would be against the film that I’ve made.”
Parched highlighted by an  issues like dowry system, physical violence, forced marriages, rape and mental cruelty against women.
Producer Ajay Devgan speak up about his forthcoming production that film isn’t just about the women but issues facing problems by the society.
“This film isn’t about women only, but also about the men, where both are victims. It is the societal pressure which forces men to do things apart from the mind-set. So, this film talks about tackling both the issues,” he said at the trailer launch of the film.
“As a producer, when making a film like this, you should be prepared for implications. As for the film, we’ve shown the reality, but sometimes the CFBC are also correct. Beyond a limit, one can’t exhibit anything for the sake of reality,” Ajay added.
‘Parched’ has been received at film festivals held in Melbourne and Toronto,and he feels that it is important.
“Films like Parched don’t get that much admiration if they are only released in theater. Film festivals are important to promote and earn appreciation,” he said.
Film will be released on 23 september.

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