Raaz Reboot review : ‘Secrets Are the enemy of love’

raaz reboot

Mumbai,Sep 17: Happily married couple – Rihaan (Gaurav) and Shaina (Kriti) gets  into a heritage hotel like property in Romania to settle down. Trouble arises as the wife starts feeling the presence  of an evil spirit in their haunted house.

raaz reboot

MOVIE REVIEW: Her husband who is a banker  refuses to believe her, while her ex beau Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) tries to understand her fear and concern and feels that the demonic spirit seeks revenge from Rihaan and not her. So what’s the big  Secret (Raaz )that the husband’s been hiding from his wife?

The beautiful melancholic song  and Emraan’s  expression that follows  entertain you for a while. The peak of the film however, is the demon asking Rihaan to f*** off. His F bomb chant takes the cake. That’s a little hilarious. You pretty much share the ghost’s sentiments, when it comes to the hackneyed plot. shaina is no doubt beautiful, too beautiful at times to scare you enough!

Doors keep slamming on their own, strange whispers keep echoing throughout and the girl sees horrific things but none of it disturbs you, let alone be worried. As the word says so ‘reboot’, there’s a  twist in the tale. You could see that from a distance away , something our ‘witty’ heroine fails to gauge till the end.

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The film gives you a message that love conquers it all and is supreme, ‘Pyaar hi Bhagwan hai’ and that Mangal sutra can act as a  life saver for a woman. There’s also a blind man who knows ‘psychometry’ – the power of touching things, feeling them and understanding their energy.



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