Python rescued from well by wildlife activists


 Agra, March 27: A nine-foot-long Indian Rock Python was rescued by a Wildlife SOS team from a 40-foot deep open well in village near here on Monday.

The reptile is currently under observation and will soon be released back in to its natural habitat.

Pramod Singh, a farm owner in Jaitai village in Sadabad, 40 km from Agra, found the large reptile trapped inside a well and immediately informed the Forest Department who in turn alerted the Wildlife SOS team in Agra.

A three member rescue team from the NGO drove from the Agra Bear Rescue Facility to the location, with the necessary rescue equipment in hand. One of the rescuers climbed down the well and carefully extricated the distressed reptile, in an hour long rescue operation.

Baiju Raj M.V, Director Conservation Projects, Wildlife SOS, said: “The python is thankfully unhurt and currently under observation. We often receive calls of wild animals that were found trapped inside dry, open wells. These uncovered wells pose a hazard not only to animals, but also to human beings, particularly children.”

Such cases have been increasing in the recent years and the main reason behind this appears to be the lack of proper covers and fencing around these wells. Earlier this year, Wildlife SOS rescued a severely injured hyena from a well in Fatehpur Sikhri but the animal succumbed to its injuries. In the past year alone, Wildlife SOS has rescued leopards, bears, owls, reptiles, and many other types of animals from such situations across India.

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder, Wildlife SOS said: “Unsuspecting animals fall into the wells regularly, breaking their legs and sometimes their necks from the fall itself, and they can subsequently drown or starve to death waiting for help. We must work closely with the local communities to address this problem before it escalates and becomes a threat to human lives as well.”


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