Pyjamas can look sexy, says Mollie King

Singer Mollie King

London, Nov 5: Singer Mollie King thinks pyjamas can still look “sexy”, and a two-piece nightwear outfit can be as enticing as a negligee.

“The pyjama is back. They don’t have to be old, frumpy things anymore. Certainly, with me, it’s a case of any excuse to wear them and nowadays there are so many options, anything from little cotton shorts and T-shirts to silk pyjamas. You can look just as sexy in shorts and a T-shirt as you can a little negligee,” King told

The “Hair down” hitmaker thinks women shouldn’t feel they have to wear “something sexy” to excite their lover in the bedroom.

She said: “What’s appealing in a woman, or a guy, is an inner self confidence, intelligence and humour; it’s not about dressing up in something sexy.”

She thinks the most important thing is for people to have “fun” when they are choosing their outfit.


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