Putin writes Independence Day message to Obama :Partnership of equals

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message to his US counterpart Barack Obama in honour of the American Independence Day on July 4 and urged the two countries to mend ties.

In the message, Putin signaled he wanted the US and Russia to resume a positive relationship, CNN reported.

“The history of Russian-American relations shows that when we act as equal partners and respect each other’s lawful interests, we are able to successfully resolve the most complex international issues for the benefit of both countries’ peoples and all of humanity,” Putin wrote.

The Kremlin said Putin suggested past work between the two countries would “help to set the dialogue between Russia and the US back on a constructive track” to address global concerns.

The message comes amid tensions between the Russia and the US Russian warships and planes have been engaging in aggressive manoeuvres with US military forces, and Moscow has engaged in Syria in ways Washington has said is not constructive in the fight against the Islamic State.

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