Public should cut down on expenses,says Rajasthan Minister on fuel price rise

BJP Leader Rajasthan

Sep 10 : Rajasthan minister Rajkumar Rinwa stoked a controversy when he made an insensitive comment by advising people to reduce their expenses to deal with rising fuel prices.Congress slammed the ministerby terming him “arrogant” and “insensitive”.

“People do not understand that if fuel prices are rising they should cut down their expenses. They do not undeunderstand this.” Rinwa also said people do not understand that fuel prices are rising as consumption is increasing.

He made this comment on the day when the Congress and other opposition parties held a nationwide protest, ‘Bharat Bandh’, against the rise in fuel prices.

“The government is making efforts to reduce the fuel prices by reducing tax. Expenditure is being made in thousands of crores on flood relief all around (the country) for which money is required,” he told reporters.

Fuel prices are regulated by the world market and the government has nothing to do with it, the minister said.

Reacting to Rinwa’s statement, Congress’s Rajasthan chief Sachin Pilot said, “Such remarks from a BJP leader tell you they are very arrogant and they are insensitive to the needs of people.” “When people are suffering they are making it worse by such outlandish statements,” he told reporters.

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