Protesters set car on fire near DCP’s office at Delhi Gate

Violent in Daryaganj

New Delhi, Dec 20 : Protesters against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Friday torched a car in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central, near the Delhi Gate after throwing stones at the police deployed to foil their march.

The stone-pelting began after the protesters, who intended to march from the Jama Masjid to the Jantar Mantar, were stopped by the barricades set up by the police, some distance from the Delhi Gate.

The crowd raised slogans against the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and began pulling away the barricades in an attempt to move ahead. The police then opened up water cannons on the crowd, and also used the water jet in a bid to douse the car set on fire.

Earlier in the day, the protesters leading a march against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) paused briefly at Masjid Nabi Baksh at Delhi Gate to offer evening prayers. A group of elderly and young people formed a human chain at the barricades to stop people from indulging in any untoward incident.

According to Delhi Police officials, a large posse of security forces was deployed at the Delhi Gate, near the Bahadur Zafar Shah Marg, and barricades were installed at Daryaganj Chowk, around a kilometre away towards the Jama Masjid.

Police had also deployed anti-riot Vajra vehicle and water cannons, if needed, to disperse the crowd.

A few thousand people had gathered at Jama Masjid earlier in the day to express resentment over the Act, and demand that the government roll it back immediately.

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