Trump weighs lifting Russia sanctions

Prospect of War between Nuclear Powers US and Russia over Syria crisis

Russia mocked Boris on twitter “It is deplorable that Johnson found himself unfit to stand Western ground on Syria in bilateral talks.”

The military strikes in Syria is set to acquire the shape of a war between two nuclear powers US and Russia as US allies defend Donald Trump’s bombardment, Russia and Iran -allies of Assad have threatened military retaliation against US stating “from now on we will respond with force ” if US crosses red lines.

The warning came after foreign ministers of the G7 group nations comprising United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Canada are meeting in Lucca, Italy on April 10 and to put more pressure on Russia through sanctions to end its support for Assad and recall its troops from Syria.

The relations between Russia and US have turned unexpectedly antagonistic under Trump’s regime after his strikes in Syria. When the media and Congressmen were concerned over the Russia’s specially Putin’s interference in 2016 US Presidential elections and his desire to have cordial relations with US under Donald Trump, US President has indicated that regime change in Syria is inevitable and imminent.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has cancelled his visit to Russia to make way for Rex Tillerson meeting with Russian counterpart Sergey lavrov for putting up a strong case against Syria and also convey a strong message to the Russians that they should withdraw support for Assad regime in Syria in view of the chemical weapons attack on its own innocent citizens. Russia mocked Boris on twitter “It is deplorable that Johnson found himself unfit to stand Western ground on Syria in bilateral talks.”  While Boris wants the G7 to issue a joint declaration that Russia should end its support for the Assad regime failing which it may attract sanctions.

With Russia and Iran threatened of a “real war” breaking out as prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned that the strikes put the US and Russia on the verge of a military clash.Trump launched missile strikes on April 6, 2017 with the objective to “prevent and deter the spread of chemical weapons and pledged to carry out more attacks to end the Syrian war and find a political solution by replacing Bashar al-Assad regime.

The reversal of US policy regarding Syria by Trump assumes greater significance on the issue of defending human rights that may even entail drastic actions to meet the changing world scenarios.

With Russia deploying world’s most sophisticated air defence systems in Syria and its military forces across major military bases there is a prospect of escalation between US and Russian militaries operating in a no-fly zone. Incidents of shooting down planes may emerge as US coalition aircrafts are engaged in bombarding ISIS strongholds.

Lavrov argued that Assad is fighting terrorism and military strikes by Washington will create additional threats to regional and global security.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist


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