Pronouncement on Modi government by Arun Shourie

arun shourie

New Delhi, May 26, 2017: Former Union minister Arun Shourie discussed about his latest book, the theory of karma, godmen and the Modi government and criticised the policies prepared by the government.

Today on the celebration of Modi government’s third anniversary, he said,India is slowly being pushed towards a quasi-Presidential system,which means parliamentary government elects its Prime Minister directly rather than by simply allowing the leader of the governing party to take the office.

Shourie said,”Two years down the line, we will be hearing voices as purposefully instigated as these Gau Rakshaks (cow vigilantes) are that this Parliamentary system is coming in the way, so there must be a re-thinking on the constitution towards a quasi-Presidential system – I fear that will happen as a result of the erosion of an institution’s importance like the Parliament.”

He compared the lives of two great Indian saints, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa and Ramana Maharshi with today’s godmen in his latest book.

“Godmen today are characters running real estate empires… riding around in motorcycles and gaudy clothes… they are just marketing people,” he said, expressing concerns for the current focus of religion on external issues.

“The moment we get into the externals, we are at each other’s throats. That will put such a scaffolding on the Indian state that I fear that the strain will be unbearable for India… if we focus on externals we would just be killing each other in the name of a cow today, in the name of a pig tomorrow,” he said. Politics earlier was about “pseudo secularism” but this is “pseudo religion”, he said.

When asked about the biggest achievement of Modi government, Arun said “The biggest achievement was that Modi rekindled hope at the time he came… it still remains the biggest achievement if people think it’s hopeful to have him.”

And the “Biggest deficiency has been the effect on institutions. The confrontation with judiciary, the device by which Rajya Sabha was made irrelevant in regard to many bills, these are dangerous portents. There is no state cabinet that matters today, only Chief Minister matters. States have almost become Presidential.”

“Uniformity and concentration of power will have very difficult consequences for India,” he said.

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