Priyanka Vadra ask voters to use your constitutional right and vote in Delhi elections

priyanka gandhi sonia gandhi

New Delhi, Feb 8: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi urged voters to perform their constitutional duty and vote in Delhi assembly polls.

Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi, along with her daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, cast their vote at Nirman Bhawan in New Delhi Assembly constituency.

When Priyanka Gandhi was asked about less voter turnout till 11 am , she urged voters to vote, ” : Everyone should come out and vote. It is extremely important. Don’t be lazy. Save the Constitution and vote , don’t be lazy, it’s your constitutional right to vote.”

Vadra is set to cast her vote at booth no.114 & 116 at Lodhi Estate.

The Delhi elections face a triangular fight between Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP, Congress and the BJP. BJP and Congress has not announced chief ministerial candidate while Kejriwal is asking votes on the issue of development.

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